PUMAc-Fx: Power Units Made in Aachen - Fuel X

Together with nine scientific and industrial partners in our region around Aachen, we applied for a research project with the ambition goal:

Development of an ultralight hydrogen gas turbine with maximum fuel flexibility (from 100% H2 to Diesel/Kerosene).

Now, we received the green light from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the first project phase starting in September 2020. (BMBF Press release)

Election of Prof. Bohn to the ASUE Executive Board

Prof. Bohn is elected to the ASUE executive board at the beginning of June 2020 (Consortium for economical and environmentally friendly energy use). B&B-AGEMA GmbH joint the consortium in September 2019.

Webinar on the subject of combustor design together with Siemens PLM

Jens Dickhoff and Dr. Nils Beckmann speak on the common webinar with Siemens PLM about Predicting performance and improving combustor design: how B&B-AGEMA uses simulation for digital testing. They introduce how the company applies different simulation sofftware to design a combustor, before new designs are experimentally tested.

New article in International Journal of Gas Turbine

The paper of the conference Development of an Air Cooled Borescope for Infrared Thermal Load Monitoring in Industrial Gas Turbine Combustors and Operational Experience is published in International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems April 2020, Volume 11, Number 2. (Full Paper Link)

B&B-AGEMA celebrates its 25th jubilee of the company

In February 2020 our company celebrates its 25th jubilee and likes to thank all employees, customers and friends for their long-term support and loyalty!

International Gas Turbine Congress (IGTC), 17.-22. November 2019, Tokyo, Japan

B&B-AGEMA attends the International Gas Turbine Congress and shows its products and the area of operation in an own booth. Members of the company will present three publications on nowadays research topics: Further on, B&B-AGEMA is participated on a common publication of its business partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) on the research project:
“Application of Low NOx Micro-Mix Hydrogen Combustion to 2MW Class Industrial Gas Turbine Combustor” (Horikawa, A., et al.)

Membership ASUE

Since September 2019, the B&B-AGEMA is a member of the ASUE, the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft für sparsamen und umweltfreundlichen Energieverbrauch e.V.". ( Consortium for economical and environmentally friendly energy use)

Simcenter Conference - Europe, 3.-5. December 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

B&B-AGEMA attends the Simcenter conference and presents on “Development of an Air Cooled Borescope for Flame Monitoring in an Experimental DLE Hydrogen Combustor”.

VDI Wissensforum, 29.-30. November 2018

President und founder of B&B-AGEMA, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bohn, presents on “Damage of gas turbines” at VDI Wissensforum .

Simcenter Conference - Americas, 15.-17. October 2018, Detroit, USA

B&B-AGEMA attends the Simcenter conference and presents on “Design Exploration of high efficient steam turbine airfoils” based on a multidisciplinary design exploration including B&B-AGEMA Software (ATF 1D, ATF 2D, Profigen) as well as Siemens Plm Software (Siemens NX, STARCCM+, Heeds mdo).

International Gas Turbine Conference (IGTC), 10.-11. October 2018, Brussels, Belgium

B&B-AGEMA will present on “AN INNOVATIVE FLEET CONDITION MONITORING CONCEPT FOR A 2MW GAS TURBINE” showing the performance and experiences with B&B-AGEMA Software “GTPtracker”, a centralized gas turbine fleet performance tracking and condition monitoring software tool at this years IGTC.

International Symposium on Pump and Fan Technology, 26.-28. September 2018,
Shenyang, China

B&B-AGEMA has been invited to give a guest speech about the “Increase of automation and optimization degree in the design exploration of axial Turbomachinery” at this International Symposium of the Chinese Journal of Turbomachinery

ETC 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2017:

B&B-AGEMA attends the European Turbomachinery Conference in Stockholm, April 2017 and presents on High efficient steam turbine design based on automated design space exploration and optimization techniques. We look forward to meeting you in Stockholm.

"The Thermal and Nuclear Power" Journal, February 2017, B&B-Article in Japanese

B&B-AGEMA GmbH has published a technical article on the newly developed F-CHT analysis to February 2017 issue of "The Thermal and Nuclear Power" Journal. The title is "Frozen-CHT Analysis of the Transient Thermal Behavior and Life Prediction of 700°C Steam Parts". The thermal behavior of a steam by-pass valve subject to cyclic operation with 700°C steam was investigated by newly developed Frozen-CHT approach. The results showed good agreement with measurement results. The approach was applied to transient thermal analysis of a high pressure turbine casing as well.

SGT5-4000F User Conference, Helsinki, 11-13 October 2016

B&B-AGEMA supports the SGT5-4000F User Conference this October (11.-13.10.2016) in Helsinki. At our booth near the entrance to the conference rooms, our Senior Expert, Dr.-Ing. Bernard Becker, is available for participants to discuss about technology and operation experiences of the gas turbine. Before attending B&B-AGEMA, Dr. Becker was head of Siemens gas turbine development in Mülheim.

VDI Special Day: „Failure of gas turbines“, Nürnberg, 15. November 2016

President and founder of B&B-AGEMA Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bohn is attending the special day „failure of gas turbines“ of the 10. VDI congress for stationary gas turbines in Nürnberg in November. Together with Dr. Klaus Schippers, he gives a lecture about the “design of gas turbines”, “root cause of failures”, and “measures for avoidance of failures and damage".

The Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation Convention 2016 (Heisei 28th), Takamatsu Japan, October 27th

Dr. Takao Sugimoto presents at the TENPES convention "Numerical Investigations and life assesment by Frozen CHT method of the Transient Thermal Behavior of a Steam Bypass Valve at Steam Temperatures Beyond 700 °C"

B&B-AGEMA joins the Gas Turbine Society of Japan

B&B-AGEMA GmbH is honoured by being accepted as a corporate member of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ). We are looking much forward to emphasizing our efforts on the collaborations with Japanese OEM and power plant operators.
Contributing Organizations to GTSJ

Star Korean Conference, Seoul, June 2016

Dr. Karsten Kusterer, CEO of B&B-AGEMA, has presented at the Star Korean Conference, 15. June 2016, on "Advanced Design Capabilities for Innovative Cooling Systems of Highest-efficient Industrial Gas Turbines".
Gas turbines are of significant importance in public and industrial power and heat generation. In order to address the diversity of market demands, an industrial gas turbine system of highest efficiency in its class and enhanced operational flexibility has been developed. The key factor in the design process was the application of advanced cooling technologies based on modern computational simulation and analyses systems as provided within Star-CCM+. The complex cooling task is explained for the first vane nozzle of the gas turbine showing simulation results as well as measurement results from the test engine. For higher effectiveness of the film-cooling also an innovative film cooling technology has been developed. Increasing the film cooling effectiveness has been possible by innovative cooling hole geometries and the generation of so-called Anti-Counter-Rotating Vortices (ACRV), which enable the cooling air to remain close to the surface to be cooled. The design parameters of the cooling holes have a crucial impact to the film cooling effectives behind the hole. These design parameters are varied and optimized in order to show the capabilities of the technology. Since the design parameters influence each other and the composition governs the result, an automated optimization tool (Heeds/Optimate+) has been utilized.

ASME 2016, Seoul, South Korea, June 2016

B&B-AGEMA attends the ASME Turbo Expo 2016. We have a booth at the exhibition and introduce two papers on the conference:
Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a Blade Leading Edge Cooling Configuration Using Double Swirl Chambers
Design Space Exploration of Advancded-Shaped Film Cooling Holes using the Sherpa Algorithm
It is a great pleasure meeting you in Seoul.

ISROMAC 2016, Honolulu, 16. April 2016

B&B-AGEMA attends the ISROMAC 2016.

Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulations for a Film Cooled Nozzle Guide Vane of a High-efficiency, Industrial Gas Turbine

The conjugate heat transfer (CHT) calculation technique is used for the three-dimensional thermal load prediction of an extensively cooled 1st nozzle test vane installed in a highest-efficient industrial gas turbine. The utilized numerical model contains all geometrical features (e.g. pin-fins, ribs, impingement sheets etc.) of the real test vane without simplifications. The comparison with thermal index paint measurements inside the test engine shows that a qualitatively and quantitatively good agreement between the CHT and the measurements results can be found. A consideration of advanced-shaped film cooling holes at the vane platforms also offers high potential to further reduce the material temperatures and decrease thermal stresses by lowering of platform temperatures and homogenization of the temperature distribution.

STAR Global Conference, 07-09 March 2016, Prague

B&B-AGEMA attends the STAR Global Conference 2016. It is a great pleasure to meet our good friends from CD-Adapco as well as clients from all over the world again in Prague. Thank you very much for this outstanding event and the chance to contribute with our presentation:

Design Space Exploration of Gas Turbine Film Cooling Holes with HEEDS & Optimate+

In modern gas turbines, the film cooling technology is essential for the protection of hot parts. Today, shaped holes are widely used, but besides others, the NEKOMIMI-shaped cooling holes have shown that there is still potential to increase the film cooling effectiveness by generation of Anti-Counter-Rotating Vortices (ACRV). As a result, the cooling air remains close to the wall and spreads in lateral direction along the surface. The ACRV result from the special shape of the expanding hole exits (NEKOMIMI-shape). Thus, the design parameters have a crucial impact to the film cooling effectiveness behind the hole. In this study the design parameters are varied and optimized within a multi-objective Pareto optimization in order to show the capabilities of the technology and the potential of HEEDS and Optimate+ for automated design space explorations.

Certificate of appreciation from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD.

A certificate of appreciation is provided to Dr. Karsten Kusterer, CEO of B&B-AGEMA by Dr. Minoru Makimura, Senior Vice President of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD. for his contribution to the Kawasaki Hydrogen project.

right: Dr. Minoru Makimura, Senior Vice President, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD.
middle: Dr. Karsten Kusterer, CEO B&B-AGEMA GmbH
left: Dr. Koji Kadota, General Manager Corporate Technology Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries LTD.

B&B-AGEMA in the News

In May 2013 newspaper reports on a cooperation with Micro Turbine Technology (MTT) and Leuven Air Bearings to develop a micro gas turbine.