Gas Turbine Performance Tracker

Deterioration of energy system condition leads to degradation of performance, efficiency, reliability and safety.
Accurate monitoring and advanced analysis of gas turbine performance offers great potential to minimize life cycle costs and maximize performance and availability and thereby revenues.
Implementing advanced performance monitoring tools for a fleet of engines can save millions of dollars in terms of availability and reliability of the machines.

B&B-AGEMA "GTP tracker" software is specifically developed to support gas turbine operators with tracking performance, monitor condition and detect/predict/localize deterioration and faults in their units. GTP tracker is capable of combining data from different gas turbines with different data systems in a fleet, providing an excellent overview of the condition and status of your assets

  • applicable to gas turbines and similar energy systems
  • performance, vibration and oil system tracking
  • component level condition assessment using advanced gas path analysis diagnostics.
  • identifies hidden correlations in the performance of your units using data mining.
  • advanced trending and prognostics for maintenance decision support