International Press Release


On July, 21st, 2020, the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and our industry partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD., have announced the successful demonstration of the first 100%-Hydrogen-fueled gas turbine under commercial operating conditions worldwide including a Dry-Low-NOx combustion technology.

This is a great achievement on the way into the Carbon-free future for electricity production based on the Hydrogen technology. The Kawasaki M1A-17 gas turbine (2 MW) has succeeded the first 500 equivalent operating hours of pure Hydrogen combustion in operation at its Kobe harbor location for Obayashi Corporation in Japan.

B&B-AGEMA is proud to be part of this great achievement by the collaborative development of the key technology for the gas turbine, the Micro-mix combustor, able to provide 100%-Hydrogen combustion with Dry-Low-NOx technology.
The Micro-mix combustor for the gas turbine engine is based on the Kawasaki Heavy Industries LTD. and B&B-AGEMA GmbH patent (JP6285082B2, CN106461211B). The success is the result of 10 years intense collaborative research and development of the both companies together with Aachen University of Applied Sciences and including high-pressure Hydrogen combustor tests at the test facility of RWTH Aachen University (Institute of Power Plant Technology, Steam and Gas Turbines).

Beside the Dry-Low-NOx achievement another great advantage of the implemented Micro-Mix technology is the inherent security of the combustion principles towards flash-back in the combustor. Whereas other technical approaches focus on conventional pre-mixed combustion systems, which include always a remaining risk for explosive conditions of Hydrogen-Air-mixtures, the new Micro-Mix technology can achieve highest acceptance in operation for multiple applications (stationary and mobile) because of its very high level of operational safety.

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