Steam Turbines
B&B-AGEMA provides core competence for the advanced design and retrofit design of steam turbines and adjoining systems with respect to highest efficiency, availability and reliability.
  • Optimized steam turbine design for industrial and power plant applications
  • Modern flow path design including advanced sealing technologies: aerodynamic optimization of blades (3D airfoil design), steam admission chambers, exhaust diffusors, pipes and valves
  • Comprehensive structural and aerodynamic modelling of major steam turbine components for accurate life assessment and relative thermal expansion calculations
  • Retrofit concepts for increased steam turbine power output, efficiency and lifetime
  • Technical feasibility studies on improvement potentials for existing steam turbine systems
  • Expert know-how for the analysis, evaluation and improvement of steam condensers, preheaters, reheaters, cooling towers and other steam turbine and power plant components

Design & Analysis

Design & Analysis

Power Plant